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Embrace the Evening Bliss With Deep Fried Oreos

Do you have a crazy love for Oreos? Well, foodies who are hardcore oreo fans have to spot the right article as this is going to be another treat to your oreo yearnings. Oreos have been a part of us for quite some time and these chocolate cookies that initially made our kids and teenagers go all hearts after, have now received immense love from different age groups. From shakes and ice-creams to other dessert cuisines, Oreos are used as the ultimate raw material to create unique delectabilities. One of the newborn dishes that became a favorite of the American fraternity like a wildfire is Deep Fried Oreos. The day it was first created as a fair food snack dessert, the demand has increased as quickly as a flash and now with the availability of the instant pancake mix, its preparation time has reduced. If you just cannot wait to relish this ultimate combo of fried snack bites and chocolate Oreos then follow the preparation instructions below and give your evenings a sparkling touch of the sweet crunch!

What are the ingredients required?

  • Crumb's Mix

  • Vegetable Oil

  • Flavored or Regular Oreos

  • Water

  • Confectioner's Sugar (optional)

How to prepare Deep Fried Oreos?

  • Freeze the Oreo cookies for about 30 minutes and meanwhile prepare the batter for a fine and tasteful pancake coating over your Oreos to relish the frying touch on them.

  • Take about 3-4 big cups of deep fried Oreos Mix by Crumbs Carnival Treats and give fine whisking to unwrinkle the batter using water. Once a smooth consistent flow is achieved. Keep this aside.

  • Meanwhile, prepare the frying station. Pour vegetable oil into the frying pan and preheat it at 375℉, the ideal frying temperature.

  • Now, one by one put your frozen Oreos into the batter mix and layer them up with a fine coating. It should neither be too thick nor too thin.

  • Put them for frying and fry until they turn beautifully golden brown. Don't overcrowd them in the frying pan for achieving a perfect crisp.

For Dressing

You can dust them up with powdered sugar and can inject them with a chocolate ganache drizzle too. You may serve them warm topped with maple syrup and fresh sliced strawberries or a dollop of ice-cream sundae can do all the work. Other than this you can have them with your favorite jam, ice cream, fresh frozen fruits, nuts, and berries. Some people relish them with a hint of Nutella. The scope of enhancing the taste of the deep-fried Oreos is immense. Just listen to your heart and accordingly personalize it with a taste that you can't live without.

Do you have to freeze Oreos before frying?

There is no compulsion as such. If you freeze your Oreos before frying, it helps in making the dish all the crispier and after frying also, they will remain comparatively rigid but if you use the ones at room temperature then these snack bites will become soft after frying. But the taste and crunch in both cases remain uncompromised if you have them just after they are fried.

Can I put the Oreos in the air fryer?

Yes, Oreos can also be enjoyed with some hot crisp by using an air fryer. It takes just 5 to 10 minutes for them to get ready. Post that, you can enjoy them with your favorite flavor of the topping.


Believe it or not, this snack dessert can turn your tiring day and all the stresses into a little treat of happiness! Deep Fried Oreos are so yum that their melting and crackling under your palate will give rise to the 'happy hormone', ending your day with joy and relaxation. Share them with your friends, family or have them alone, they are the perfect stress-busters for Fair food lovers! To grab the perfectly tasted carnival like fried oreos , grab the mix from http://www.crumbscarnivaltreats.com .

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